Published: October 4, 2021

3 Tips to Lower Price for a Single-Day Dumpster Rental

how to lower the price of dumpster rental

Did you know that the cost is typically the same, whether you need a dumpster rental for a day or a week?

So it makes sense to negotiate and save money, especially if you need the dumpster for only a day or two. Besides, there are no fixed rates for dumpster rentals.

This means that you can easily save a few hundred in dumpster rental with the help of these tips and strategies. 

How dumpster rental companies fix their rates

You can negotiate better if you know how rental companies fix a rate for their dumpster rentals. Or if you knew the factors deciding the rates, which include:

  • Fuel costs play a significant role in fixing the rate because roll-off trucks must drive to and from your location. The amount they spend on fuel depends on the distance between your location, the company, and the landfill.
  • Landfill or transfer station dump fees. This depends on your local landfill charges, which typically lie between $30 to $100 per ton. 
  • Profit margin is the profit the rental company expects after deducting all business expenses.
  • Overhead expenses include equipment maintenance/investment, employee wages, licensing compliance, and general business expenses.

Why daily and weekly dumpster rentals are equal

Now you know the factors determining the dumpster rental rates, you want to understand how daily and weekly rentals are about the same. 

It’s logical once you realize that the cost factors mentioned above are not affected much by your rental duration.

It doesn’t matter if you rent the dumpster for a day or a week. The dumpster rental company must pay the same amount for fuel, landfill disposal fees, and employee wages,

However, don’t push your luck and expect a reduction of $75 to $100 in rates. It’s fair to negotiate and ask for a discount of about $25 to $50 for shorter rental periods.

3 tips to help you get a lower dumpster rental rate

You can also conduct negotiations based on the following tips:

1.     Smaller companies may offer lower rates

dumpster company rental rate

There are some situations where your one-day rental may benefit the dumpster rental company, and they will offer a discount for you.

For example, the company may have limited containers available and need a quicker turnaround. And most of the time, it’s the smaller rental companies who do this because they have a shorter inventory of containers.

So they prefer clients providing quick turnarounds through single-day rentals so that they can accept more rentals. So they are usually ready to offer discounts or the best rates. 

On the contrary, large waste haulers have a vast inventory of containers. So, they don’t have to worry about any shortage of containers and don’t have any reason to negotiate. 

2.     Schedule your rentals well

what are the rates of renting a dumpster

With most people renting dumpsters through the weekend, you are less likely to get a discount on weekends.

However, rental companies are free on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

So, if you rent a dumpster on Tuesday with a next-day pick-up, the rental company knows they have their waste hauler available for the weekend rush.

This proves beneficial to them, which is why they are more than likely to lower rates for a mid-week dumpster rental. 

3.     Your location matters

how to lower the price of dumpster

You can negotiate and quote lower rates if you live near a landfill or transfer station. The dumpster rental company saves on fuel costs as there’s less driving involved.

So don’t forget to request a discount based on this point while renting a dumpster. 

Make sure you negotiate

You can never expect anyone to offer lower rates unless you ask for it. The chances of getting a discounted rate are higher if you can prove that the company benefits through your rental.

Give the smaller companies some business. They are anyway starting out in the industry and are likely to offer discounts. You can also leverage on your location and midweek booking to get better, discounted rates. 

 It is also always better to work with locally owned companies than a chain of companies. The locally owned companies are more willing and likely to give discounts. The chains may offer periodical discounts, but not when you need them. 

Finally, always call and compare rates with at least three different companies. You will this way get to know who offers the best rates. And you will be able to conduct negotiations where possible with the help of the above-mentioned three points.

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