Published: March 19, 2020

5 dumpster delivery tips you should know

5 dumpster delivery tips you should know

Okay. You have finally started the renovation of your home, and have to rent a dumpster. You have collected and compared a few quotes from different companies, and have decided on the best sized dumpster.

However, it’s not yet the end of your woes!

You need to prepare for its delivery. This is where these few dumpster delivery tips should prove helpful and useful to you!

Is your dumpster spot ready?

Yes! Making room for the dumpster is the first and most important tip to remember.

Unfortunately, most people tend to forget all about this.

They order for a dumpster and end up fretting once it arrives. They end up in confusion about the best spot to place the dumpster, and sometimes even end up with fights with neighbors. All of this can be prevented by preparing, and making space and being ready for it when it arrives.

You may have to transfer cars and other objects that may be in your designated spot and surrounding area.

It should be a spot that is devoid of any dangerous hanging objects. It’s because most dumpsters are about 23 feet tall.

Besides, delivery trucks need around sixty feet of horizontal space too. So make sure there’s enough space for it. However, remember that it’s not just the length of the area you have to consider. You also need to consider its width.

The allocated space should be a minimum of eleven feet wide to accommodate a dumpster.

There are some cases where the dumpster has to trespass over your neighbor’s lawn to reach your selected spot. If this is the case for you too, then you need to first make sure you get their permission. Don’t leave it for the last minute, or take it for granted that the neighbor won’t mind it.

And don’t worry if you won’t be around when the dumpster arrives.

Most dumpsters will call and confirm placement instructions if you aren’t on-site at the time of delivery.

Mark out the delivery spot

It’s better to mark the dumpster delivery area with perhaps cones once it is selected. If you wonder why you should do it, well, it prevents any unnecessary confusion.

Besides, it also ensures the driver places the dumpster in the best spot available. If required, place some plywood atop of your driveway. It helps protect its surface from possible scratching and scraping.

Do not forget to re-check the spot on the delivery day

You never know what may happen within a few days.

There is always the chance of someone else parking on your dumpster designated spot, or leaving some things there. This is why it’s always better to double-check the delivery spot on the scheduled delivery day.

Please make sure the spot is clear, and that there is enough space for it.

Do clear the lawn or curb of any potential obstructions. And if your neighbor’s vehicle is parked on the spot, don’t hesitate to ask them to remove it.

Know your usage restrictions

One of the most useful dumpster delivery tips involves ensuring you are aware of the type of junk you can dump in the dumpster.

Do ask the dumpster rental representatives for a list of the items they can, and cannot pickup while you make bookings. You don’t want to be renting a dumpster only to find out that you cannot use it.

The general rule of thumb is that dumpsters for residential use are safe for dumping clothing, paper, plastics, housewares, personal items, and other household debris. Even remodeling debris like flooring, siding, cabinetry, and lumbar are acceptable in residential dumpsters.

Dumpsters meant for construction and heavy debris are permitted to carry concrete, fixtures, and sheetrock.

It is better if you segregate your debris in the first place. It makes is so much easier for you to dump them in the right dumpster once you are done.

An important point to always remember is that heavier items are more expensive to dump.

Check the date

Most dumpster delivery companies deliver your dumpster within 1-2 business days of your placing an order. And you won’t be forewarned about its arrival.

That’s the reason why you should keep your area clear and ready for it well before the dumpster arrives. You can this way avoid paying unnecessary fees for a delivery attempt and failure. Now that you know these five essential dumpster delivery tips, there shouldn’t be any confusion once your dumpster arrives.

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