Published: June 10, 2020

7 Residential dumpster rental tips worth knowing

7 Residential dumpster rental tips worth knowing

It’s not always that residential dumpsters come in use. At most, you may require one to remove waste while moving or constructing your home. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t rent the first dumpster you find.

It would be best if you keep the following tips in mind before choosing one.

Know your size

There are different sized dumpster rentals available, so make sure you know which one you need. Too large a unit is a waste of money, while something too small won’t serve your purpose.

Once you know your dumpster designated weight limit, make sure you stick to it. It’s essential because trucks and landfills are legally bound to accept only a specific tonnage in a dumpster. Overloading leads to extra overage fees or a reduction of the load.

The usual sizes available at most dumpster rental companies are:

  • 10-yard dumpsters that’s ideal for small remodeling or medium cleanout projects. They can hold about 10 cubic yards of material, about 3 pickup trucks of debris.
  • 20-yard dumpsters are an excellent choice for medium-sized remodeling and major cleanout projects. They can hold about 20 cubic yards of material, about six trucks of debris.
  • 30-yard dumpsters used more for commercial purposes or new house constructions. They carry about 30 cubic yards of debris, equivalent to 9 trucks of debris.
  • 40-yard dumpsters are perfect for commercial or industrial reasons, or even for a complete siding or window replacement project. They hold about 40 cubic yards of debris, or 12 trucks of debris.

What’s your trash?

It’s better to select your dumpster based on the waste you will be generating as most companies don’t let you mix things. Besides, the weight of garbage also largely depends on what material you will be dumping.

So while mixing gravel and fill with other materials is a no-no, it’s also heavier to dump. The best way to ascertain all this is by discussing it with your dumpster rental company.

What you can’t dump

There is lots of hazardous and flammable waste considered illegal to dump. It includes chemical products, propane tanks, lubricating oil, contaminated oils, antifreeze, solvents, paint, railroad tires, medical waste, asbestos, cylinders, and tires.

Even batteries, liquids, radioactive material, dried latex paint cans, flammable liquids, and dead animals are considered hazardous.

Make comparisons

Choose residential dumpster rentals just like you would before buying anything else, by making comparisons. Rates differ from one supplier to another, so collect at least three quotes before selecting.

Find out if their prices include additional expenses like tipping and late fees, fuel surcharges, and overage charges.

Some companies don’t include this in their quote and only mention them while producing their bill. It’s always better to do business with companies who quote a flat rate, which includes all their hidden costs in their upfront costs.

Length of the rental period

Different companies have their means of calculating the rental period. Some may consider the period starting from the time the dumpster is delivered, and others when you place the order.

It’s left to you to decide when you want the dumpster removed, and you are billed accordingly. While some companies automatically remove the dumpster once you are finished, others wait for you to call and schedule a removal.

However, you have to be ready to pay a small fee on a per-day basis if you decide to extend the period.

Keep your dumpster space ready

You have to have your area prepared to place the dumpster. You thus need to know the measurements of the unit, and accordingly decide on the best spot for it.

It should be someplace easily accessible, without any cars or obstacles blocking the path. Your dumpster rental company will be able to help you ascertain the measurements and best place to park it.

Don’t forget to negotiate!

Last but not least, you have to negotiate your residential dumpster rental rates and not just oblige to the quoted prices. Don’t hesitate to ask for special discounts. Most companies give discounts to military personnel, seniors, and veterans. It’s only if you ask will you get to know about it! So here are the 7 essential tips to bear in mind while looking for the right residential dumpster rentals. Don’t worry if you are confused. Dumpster Rental Dogs will be more than happy to assist you if required.

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