Published: February 8, 2022

8 Best Tips And Tricks To Correctly Load A Temporary Dumpster Rental

Are you renovating your home, or are you on a home cleaning spree?

If yes, you will essentially need a dumpster for collecting and hauling off your waste materials. These oversized trash bins have a heavy build to handle bulky trash like broken appliances, electronic waste, and old furniture. 

However, incorrect loading can make dumping tedious even after selecting an appropriate garbage bin. Here are some practical tips to help you correctly load the garbage containers:

  1. Break down the big mess

First and foremost is to break down your bigger mess into smaller parts. It will maximize the space in the dumpster so that you can efficiently utilize and add more items in the same area. 

For example, instead of throwing the empty cardboard boxes as it is, you can put some waste items in them. 

Similarly, bulky items like shelves, dressers, bookcases, or similar items will take up less space if you break them into smaller parts. 

  1. Do not overfill

The next common problem that you come across is overfilling dumpsters. Stacking them far beyond their capacity can pose safety hazards. A slew of garbage hanging out of these containers might hurt someone on the road. 

Instead, make it a point to fill these temporary dumpster rentals only up to their capacity and not over their top. An overfilled trash bin is likely to end up spilling the waste on the road on its way to recycling centers or landfills. 

Also, some companies refuse to haul off overfilled trash bins. Therefore, it is better to rearrange the containers to avoid unfavorable situations. 

  1. Front to back loading

Temporary rental bins come with one or two back doors to make it easy for you to walk in and haul off your waste. You end up wasting a lot of space by just throwing the garbage over the container walls.

It’s better and more practical to walk through the bins and neatly arrange all the items front to back. Besides, filling the waste in an organized manner will save you a lot of space. 

  1. Select an appropriate loading spot

Choosing the proper rental bins might be an easy task. However, the process becomes tedious if you select the wrong spot for trash loading, 

For example, you can conveniently toss the debris out of the window if you place the bin near the window during a kitchen remodeling. But if you put the container at a far-off place, you will have to walk the distance to dispose of your waste. 

This inappropriate placing of the rental bin makes the process inefficient, tiring, and time-consuming. 

  1. Fill all the gaps in between the debris.

Tossing bulky items like furniture or refrigerators will create many empty spaces in between. You can utilize these spaces by filling in smaller things and pressing the cardboard boxes before throwing them away. 

  1. Place bulky items at the bottom

Another vital tip for efficient dumping is to ensure even loading because uneven load may result in an unstable container. 

Place all the heavy and flat items like wooden boards and bricks at the bottom. Then, stack other things on top of them to ensure even debris distribution throughout. 

Also, it would be wise to put lighter items like clothes, papers, foam, etc., into a bag before dumping. These materials will otherwise easily fall out of the garbage bin. Moreover, bagging also saves a lot of space to fit in more mess. 

Arranging the bin may seem tedious; however, the efforts go a long way. And it can prevent unnecessary hazards like tipping over trash bins. 

  1. Choose the correct bin size

Temporary dumpster rentals bins are procurable in various sizes, such as 10,20, and 30-yard containers. Choosing an appropriate size of temporary dumpster rental as per your needs will save you money and time.

For example, choosing a 20-yard bin to haul away lots of waste can help you avoid ten trips to the recycling center. You thus end up spending less time hauling off your debris, and you may even save some money in the process.

Do not dump anything and everything into the dumpster

There are specific rules to abide by while dumping your trash in these bins. These rules are decided by recycling centers or local landfills and prohibit the dumping of particular materials such as batteries, tires, etc. 

You cannot dump hazardous materials like toxic chemicals into these rental bins. Certain appliances like TVs and computers, flammable liquids, and explosives are also prohibited.

It is better to contact the concerned authorities if you are unaware of the dumping rules and unsure while disposing of specific materials. 
Loading a temporary dumpster rental is not a difficult task. These eight tips can help you efficiently utilize the containers to load your trash without getting messy. 

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