Published: February 8, 2022

Do I Have To Pay Waste Management Extra Charges For An Overfilled Dumpster? 

Dumpsters are convenient to collect and haul off all your mess. But sometimes, this whole process of loading a dumpster becomes overwhelming. And you may sometimes end up overfilling the dumpsters. 

But, the waste management company may refuse to pick up your overfilled trash bins. Or they may ask you to pay additional charges to dispose of your waste legally. 

Therefore, it is necessary to plan upfront to avoid unpleasant surprises with the overfilled dumpsters.

What are dumpster rentals?

Dumpster rentals are huge, open-top, rectangular containers with wheels to collect and dispose of your waste. There are umpteen reasons why these dumpsters are in great demand, one reason being their versatile usage. 

You can use it to remove the garbage while renovating your home. Moreover, construction and demolition sites use them to haul off their trash daily. 

And, due to its large size, you can haul off a lot of waste in one go. So it saves you a lot of money and time. 

What is a 30 yards dumpster?

A 30 yards dumpster is large enough to occupy three people and carry approximately 10,000 pounds of debris. Trash removal companies will charge you a disposal fee for this amount of trash. 

However, the charges may vary depending upon the type of dumpster rental and the kind of trash you dispose of. 

What is an overfilled dumpster?

An overfilled dumpster has recycling materials and waste exceeding the container’s maximum capacity. And if you have crammed the container, it is your responsibility to arrange the debris properly for safe disposal.

Can I overfill the trash bin?

No, you should avoid overfilling the dumpsters to ensure cost-efficient and successful trash removal. Also, the overflowing rubbish can pose serious safety and health hazards such as:

  • Accidents
  • Damage property
  • Hitting other people on the road
  • Injury to individuals or stray animals

Additionally, it may cause a delay in garbage collection. Or, the company may charge you an extra amount to break down and reorganize your trash. 

Besides, there is a high risk of stray animals spilling the garbage out and causing litter on the road.

What happens when I overload the dumpster?

An overfilled dumpster can cause you heavy on your pocket. Also, you may not receive the desired garbage removal services. Moreover, an overflowing rubbish bin will be difficult to load onto the truck or drag on the road. 

You can load a maximum of 500 pounds of trash in a dumpster, while any extra weight will cost you additional charges.

Can you get an extra trash container?

Sometimes, you have heaps of trash that you can not accommodate within one container. You can always call the company to get an extra container at an additional cost.

But, you will have to pay extra for collecting and disposing of your excess waste.

Rules for disposing of the debris

You can dump all the non-hazardous waste materials in these bins- for example, clothing, boxes, mattress, roof shingles, flooring material, etc. 

However, certain items need special handling, which you cannot directly put into dumpsters. Waste such as electronics, pesticides, medical waste, chemical products, automotive fluids, batteries, tires, etc., requires special treatment before disposal.

Items that the company will pick up

Certain items are too big to be dumped into the domestic trash bins. In this case, the company will send a particular vehicle to pick them up. 

These items include large things like:

  • Heavy appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Old, broken furniture

Why did the waste management not collect your trash? 

Are you wondering why the company did not collect your trash? There may be specific reasons for it: 

  • You placed your container far away from the curbs. 
  • There were trees in front of the bin, so the bin was not visible. 
  • Someone parked a car right in front of your bin. 
  • An overweight container
  • Debris filled above the wall height of the dumpster

The company will ask you to rearrange your trash in such cases. And it will also charge you a ‘dry-run’ fee for your incompetency to legally haul the container.

‘Dry run’ is when the company refuses to pick up or empty your overfilled dumpster but charges you for their trip. 

It is therefore advisable to properly plan and implement trash removal. Do not be in a hurry and toss the waste into the dumpster haphazardly. It will only leave you with overflowing containers. 

You will only end up wasting your time rearranging the trash. Or you will have to pay waste management an additional amount to remove the mess. 

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