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This is a great topic to hit on. We always want to make sure we are setting the right expectations from the start and save people the headache of extra fees when not needed! First thing to understand is that all dumpsters come with a finite number of days included in the rental period. Dumpster companies would have a hard time keeping the lights on if we let dumpsters sit on a single site forever, after all these are expensive assets. When ordering your dumpster, the representative or dispatcher should be going through all the details with you, but in case this is overlooked, make sure to ask how many days are included in the rental period, and what are the additional charges if the dumpster is needed for a longer period of time. Unless it is specified when the order is placed, the dumpster company WILL NOT pick up the dumpster until notified by the customer! This is important to understand to avoid additional charges.

The best way to combat this? If possible, ALWAYS preset a removal date on the dumpster. This will allow both you and the dumpster company to plan for this in advance. If more time is needed than the preset removal date, it is a good idea to give your dumpster company a 48 hour notice. That will assure your dumpster is not picked up until further notice.

Here at Dumpster Rental Dogs, we do all we can to set expectations from the start! We want to make sure our customers do not get hit with any unexpected charges.

Have any other questions? Call us, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help!

Before starting a new construction project or a home junk removal, it is best to understand exactly what you can and cannot throw away inside a dumpster. This guide will help you to safely dispose of your materials and avoid additional fees once the dumpster is removed.

  • Household Junk
    In most cases, it is okay to throw away any household junk, furniture, clothing, alkaline batteries, and empty aerosol spray cans into the dumpster. Mattresses, box springs and futon cushions can potentially hold a disposal fee of about $40 - $60, depending on your service address.
    Large appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators must be drained of all chemicals like freon, before placing them inside the dumpster. Always verify with one of our representatives when placing an order if your load contains mattresses or large appliances. We want to be as transparent as possible about any potential additional fees.

  • Construction Debris and Inert Material
    Whether this is for a commercial jobsite or a home remodeling project, most construction debris is okay to put inside the dumpster. Materials that can go inside the dumpster include bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, drywall, sheetrock, counter tops, untreated lumber and wooden pallets, flooring, siding, etc.
    Inert material is waste that has not undergone significant chemical or physical transformations. Inert waste is typically recycled and repurposed into new material. Materials like concrete, asphalt, brick, dirt, sand, stone or gravel would be considered inert waste. Recycling centers are very strict, even a plastic cup can cause the load to be rejected. To make sure this does not happen, you must have the material separated out so it can be recycled properly. We also suggest putting a tarp over the box to deter neighbors from throwing garbage into the dumpster.
    Inert material is extremely dense and it is easy to overload a dumpster. For this reason, we will send you a 10 yd dumpster, or a 20 yd dumpster can be filled halfway. This will hold up to 10 tons of material per load. If your job consists of over 10 tons of material, consult one of the representatives about our dump and return procedures.

  • Tires
    Putting tires inside the dumpster will also depend on your service area. In some places, it is no issue. In others, you may be charged up to $60 per tire to put in the dumpster. Tires contribute to the production of methane gas in landfills and they take up a lot of unnecessary space. To dispose of tires, you can take them to alternate facilities so they can be recycled into new materials, like tires chips or rubber mulch. You can also use tires for a fun DIY project. Try turning them into a tire swing or use them as a planter in your yard. Be sure to inform the representative quoting you that you plan to throw away tires and how many you have. This way you can avoid any surprise fees.

  • Hazardous Materials
    No hazardous materials or liquids of any kind are ever allowed inside our dumpsters. This includes pesticides, household cleaning liquids, oil, automotive fluid or fuel, liquid paint, freon, or medical waste. If these items make it to a landfill, they can seep into surrounding soil or water, affect wildlife and damage the environment.
    To dispose of hazardous materials, you can contact your local EPA office and they can direct you to the nearest disposal facility.CLik Here

  • Pressure Treated Wood and Railroad Ties
    Pressure treated wood is soaked in a chemical solution to preserve its life and durability. These chemicals are hazardous and cannot be placed inside a dumpster. You should also never burn pressure treated wood or railroad ties because it will release a toxic gas and is harmful to breath in. Pressure treated wood can be repurposed into new furniture, landscaping or reused for boating docks. You can take treated wood to a hazardous waste facility to safely discard

  • Asbestos
    Asbestos is a toxic material that typically can not go inside a dumpster. Asbestos causes a wide array of health problems such as lung disease, mesothelioma cancer, and asbestosis. There are very strict federal laws on asbestos that if not followed correctly, can lead to high fines. Asbestos can only be handled by licensed professionals. If your home was built before 1980, you should get an asbestos test done to confirm if the toxic material is present before starting a demolition.
    Rules and regulations for disposal are different in each municipality. If you are not sure if an item is okay to throw in the dumpster, you can call and ask any of our representatives. Here at Dumpster Rental Dogs, our team is happy to explain any questions you have in detail and any potential fees that could be associated with the materials being disposed of.

After spending ample time organizing a private event or a construction project, the last thing you want to happen is for your portable toilet to be tipped over.

  • Why do portable toilets tip over?
    Unfortunately, there’s a very high chance of it happening because porta potties are lightweight, especially after a recent waste pump-out service. Strong winds, large storms, or mischief-makers can lead to a toppled portable toilet.
    Servicing a knocked-over unit is no easy job! It’s challenging for the technicians to manually clean up the waste and chemicals, and it is a massive, stinky mess!
    The best thing to do to avoid this issue? Request for our technicians to securely stake the porta potty to the ground to prevent it from tipping over. Read below for more tricks on how to avoid a toilet from being blown over.

  • How to prevent portable toilets from tipping over
    1. Place it on level, solid ground
    It’s always important to place the honey bucket on level ground, preferably on a concrete or paved surface. It is more likely for the unit to fall over if it is placed on uneven ground like a slope, or in a wet and muddy area. You can also lay down plywood to create a more sturdy surface.
    Not only do portable restrooms need level ground, but they also have to be easily accessible to guests and employees.
    Sometimes you may realize that the first placement spot you choose isn’t ideal. In that case, don’t hesitate to call your service provider and request them to move the unit to a safer location. There may be additional fees for moving a portable toilet, but fees can be avoided if the toilet is moved on the weekly service day.

    2. Offer some support
    Look around to see if there are any available buildings and walls to use to support the porta jon restroom. When left against a wall, the structural support makes it difficult for pranksters to knock over the toilet.
    Besides, it also blocks the wind, thus reducing the risk of any toppling. Just make sure you select a spot with enough space for the rental company to drive in and service the units. Our trucks need to be within 15 feet of the desired drop location.

    3. Build an enclosure
    It can be worth building a temporary enclosure around portable toilets if you’ll be using them for a long term rental. The enclosure prevents possible but unnecessary vandalism and tip-over associated with long-term porta potty rentals.
    You don’t have to spend too much money on it. Some scrap wood, materials, and any waste material you can find around construction sites are more than enough.
    Also, the wall doesn’t make it difficult for your portable toilet provider to maintain and empty the units. It’s also vital that you leave a few inches of space between the wall or fence and the unit for ventilation purposes.

    4. Stake down the toilets
    Do not worry if there are no support walls around or if it is not worth your time to construct an enclosure.
    In this case, you can ask your portable toilet representative to secure the unit to the ground with stakes. These stakes are tied to the toilet and go onto the ground. There are OSHA regulations on staking the toilets down, to prevent dangerous problems for workers or guests. Please do not attempt to stake the unit on your own and risk damaging the portable toilet.
    Here at Porta Potty Dogs, we know the safest way to effectively secure the unit and prevent it from tipping over. If you would like to request a portable toilet that is staked down, give us a call today and any of our trusted representatives can assist you!








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Learn more about what you can and cannot put into a dumpster?

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