Published: May 4, 2022

6 Common Mistakes People Make while Renting Construction Dumpsters

Construction and renovation projects produce tons of trash. Thus, you need to hire a dumpster rental service to remove your construction site trash efficiently. The rental company will deliver the container on-site and take it away after a few days.

The thing is that many construction contractors improperly use dumpsters and end up with different problems like extra fees.

You don’t want to worry about those problems, especially during and after a project. Thus, you must know the common mistakes to avoid when renting construction dumpsters.

What to Avoid when Renting Dumpsters for Construction Sites

Renting Incorrect Dumpster Size

Select a dumpster that can accommodate all your trash, but it should not be too big to avoid unnecessary costs.

In general, dumpsters range from 10 to 40 cubic yards, and you should pay higher costs for larger sizes. To avoid higher fees, renting a 10 or 20 cubic yard container is usually more than enough for a small amount of waste.

However, construction projects usually produce a lot of debris and trash, and rental services don’t allow you to overfill their containers. Thus, it would help if you rent a bigger waste receptacle for your construction site. You may even need two or more containers, depending on your project.

Failure to Plan an Ideal Drop-Off Point

Many clients forget to decide where to place the container upon arrival, and they often choose the wrong spot.

The wrong choice can lead to multiple inconveniences on a construction site. It may block the way for machines or additional supplies to enter the site efficiently. Moreover, the trash container is difficult to move to a different area, and you can’t just call the rental service to move it.

You can’t place the container outside your property without necessary permits from your local government too.

So, call the dumpster rental company ahead of time to choose an ideal drop-off location and secure the necessary permits.

Incorrectly Estimating the Rental Period

It’s crucial to estimate how long you will need the waste receptacle.

First, rental services cannot meet a rush order because they need to prepare your container and their truck before delivering. You must call the company at least a day before you need it.

And second, you must correctly estimate the period that the container will stay in your place. Make sure you finish loading all your trash on the day when the rental service will take it for waste disposal.

Placing Prohibited Item Types in the Waste Container

Dumpster rentals prohibit particular items they can’t dispose of in the landfill or items that may damage the waste container, like:

  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Adhesives like resin and epoxy
  • Paints and other substances that may stain the container walls
  • Flammable materials
  • Old tires

Some of these items require special disposal treatment to prevent harming the environment. For example, you can’t leave an old tire in the landfill because it may trap more methane gas and contribute to global warming. Take it to an automotive shop or a recycling facility instead.

Ask the dumpster rental about the best alternatives to dispose of particular items.

Failure to Protect the Container

You must also protect the contents of the waste container from pests like rats and insects. It’s to keep pests away from the container and your construction site.

So, remember to close the dumpster when done using it. It’s also better to seal your trash in plastic bags before throwing them in the receptacle.

Another reason to close it is to deter strangers from throwing things into your waste container. Besides, their trash won’t consume your paid space inside.

Failure to Clarify the Pricing Terms and Conditions

Always clarify all the pricing terms and conditions when renting a dumpster.

It helps prepare the correct budget for the service and avoid hidden fees, which is vital for controlling your construction project expenses. Remember that some rental companies surprise clients with unexpected charges after the service.

So, always ask for a detailed price quote before renting a waste receptacle. Carefully read and understand the contract agreement before signing to ensure they are not hiding any charges.

Hire Reliable Construction Dumpsters to Remove the Trash from Your Project

Avoiding these six usual dumpster rental mistakes helps you efficiently dispose of your construction site waste. This is very important for any construction site to ensure the project proceeds without tons of trash hanging around.

So, make sure you hire a reliable rental service to get the correct construction dumpsters that suit your project.

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