Published: October 28, 2020

Small Dumpster Rental Tips to Consider Before Making a Decision

Small Dumpster Rental Tips to Consider Before Making a Decision

Are you currently thinking of renting a dumpster? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place, and we invite you to read our article to make a smart transaction. Here we bring you the top four small dumpster rental tips. Our team is here to guide you; we want you to make the right decisions.

It does not matter what use you will give it or if you need it to start your business; what does matter is to know more about the container you are going to rent. Although, as we mentioned earlier, the container has different uses, you must define what you are going to use yours for.

Renting a dumpster is common for those who carry out construction activities. And to do it properly, you must have the services of a company that covers all your needs. That is to say, that it has the right container for your needs and that it is capable of transporting it back and forth to the space in which you are.

Here are 4 basic tips to keep in mind when renting a small dumpster. There is surely much more to learn, but this guide should work perfectly unless you regularly rent containers. If you need help deciding which option to choose, we invite you to contact us, we have enough experience to help you make a good decision.

4 Dumpster Rental Tips That Will Make You Choose the Right Option

If you are about to remodel your property or direct a construction project, you are surely worried about the waste that will be generated during the work. As it is a momentary activity that you may not repeat in the short term, your best option is to rent garbage containers.

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. You can easily locate a container of any size or weight. However, here it is necessary to select the most suitable for your task.

We understand that there are many things to consider before making a decision, that is why you should follow these four small dumpster rental tips:

  1. You must choose the correct size
  2. Compare prices with different providers
  3. Ask about the weight limit
  4. Know what material the container is made of

The use of containers for storage, construction of real estate projects, homes, offices, among others, is a trend that has caused the opening of a market interested in these unconventional products.

The rental of a container is not usually a transaction that is carried out commonly, so, if you are about to rent one, and do not know where to start, then follow our guide.

Although, as we mentioned, the container has different uses, you must define what you are going to use yours for because it is possible that if you do not have a clear idea of ​​”What for?” You rent it; you will end up acquiring a container that will not suit your needs. Follow our guide and make a smart investment.

Dumpster Rental Sizes

dumpster rental sizes

All clients ask themselves this question. How big should a waste container be? This question is more than relevant. The first thing to do before renting a container is to determine the size you will need. One of the biggest mistakes people make is ordering the wrong size. For example, renting one oversized for the purposes required. Paying for a dumpster that will only be half full is pointless.

There are containers of different sizes, the most common are 7 m3, and for this reason, they are the easiest to find on the market, however, you can find them with larger dimensions and load capacity. It doesn’t matter which dumpster sizes you are going to buy or rent, just make sure it’s the size you need. We decided to give you this advice first as we know that if you rent a very large dumpster then you will have misinvested your money.

Before you start your search on the internet or ask your social network contacts, we recommend that you write down the specifications of the container you require, for this it is necessary that you have in mind the project you are going to carry out, the space you have. and the conditions of the terrain or surface where you will place your container.

Compare Dumpster Rental Prices with Different Providers

Compare Prices with Different dumpster rental Providers

Renting a small dumpster can be expensive and prices can vary greatly from supplier to supplier. So do your research and get at least two quotes from container rental companies. Also, ask for added costs so you can have a true comparison. You must find the ideal dumpster that suits your needs. We are here to help you, if you have any questions then feel free to call us.

Obviously, when someone goes to buy the service, they will ask for the cost. But there are certain questions you should ask the company before purchasing the service. Make sure you get the exact cost and details. Please read the entire quote carefully and read each and every terms and condition. To avoid stress and misconception, make sure you get the exact quote from the company.

After classifying the type of garbage, the amount of waste that will be generated and the duration of the work, you will be able to determine the type of container that will be required, its size and the rental time. All of these aspects will influence costs.

Do not get carried away by the first offer you get, check the prices of containers and compare the additional services regarding the transportation of waste and final disposal.

Dumpster Weight Limits

dumpster weight limits

Weight is another very important consideration to make when renting a dumpster. When you have selected the size of the container to use, ask the company about its weight limits. Each dumpster has a specific weight limit and, if ignored, it can create multiple inconveniences.

The volume of garbage that will be generated will depend on the size and quantity of containers that will be required in a work. There are drawers with a capacity from 3 cubic meters (m3) that are ideal for small residential renovation works with reduced space.

Small industries or workshops can opt for boxes of 6 and 7m3, while for large volumes of light waste there are those of 10 and 15m3. For a massive transfer of construction waste there are containers of 18 and 25m3, and up to 4500 liters to transport liquid waste.

Overloading a dumpster from capacity could cause a lot of problems. Consequently, it is always recommended to check your company’s weight limit before choosing a garbage container. You should also consider the size of the dumpster. Many people make the mistake of renting the dumpster before checking the space it would occupy. This is a serious step and requires your attention while placing your order from the company.

Dumpster Rental Capacity: Type of Materials Dumpster Storage

Know What Material the Container Is Made Of

The containers are manufactured with different types of materials, there are wood, aluminum, etc., and although some are used for very specific uses, the most recommended for purchase or rent are those of anti-corrosion steel, as this material is designed for outdoor use.

If your work is momentary or sporadic, it is likely that you have some doubts about which types of garbage containers are the most appropriate and the use that you will give them according to the generation of waste. We created this guide to help you find a solution to your problem.

Dumpster Rental Dogs is here to accompany you during this process, we want you to rent the ideal dumpster for you. If you are planning a project and need help then contact us. We offer residential & commercial dumpster rental.

You must identify the type of material with which the container is built, so you will know if it can withstand the type of waste that your work will generate. Also key to determine the type of waste that will be generated. In the case of a new construction, it is likely that fill will accumulate as a result of the earthwork, but if it is a reconstruction, debris is usually thrown.

It must be taken into account that some materials should not be mixed such as lubricants, paint pots, pesticides and chemical products that result from industrial activity.

Extra Tip: Call the Dumpster Rental Dogs Professionals to Make Everything Easier

Extra Tip: Call the Dumpster Rental Dogs Professionals to Make Everything Easier

Solid waste management is an aspect that implies compliance with certain safety protocols and regulations for the preservation of the environment that are generally unknown by the common population. That is why we recommend you seek professional advice.

Our container rental services are ideal for companies, organizations, businesses and individuals that carry out activities that generate large amounts of waste. Our units will be in charge of properly managing its collection, transport and final disposal.

We can advise you on the best alternative for your case in terms of container rental. To request a consultation or budget for this service, contact us through our form or call us. Put your trust in our hands to get fast and professional results. We have what it takes to guide you choosing the best container for your project.

Our experience is wide and our service is fast and cheap; It ranges from construction containers for renovations to services dedicated to industrial waste from companies. Contact Dumpster Rental Dogs. Our consultants will help you organize the work and prepare a budget for the rental of containers for free and without any commitment on your part.

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