Published: October 4, 2021

Bagster vs Dumpster: Should you Buy a Dumpster Bag or Use Dumpster Rentals?

Bagster vs Dumpster

It doesn’t matter if it’s a remodeling project or a household cleanup. You eventually end up with a lot of waste that you need to eliminate. And it’s not practical to put everything into your weekly trash. You have two options: bagsters vs dumpsters

You can use a dumpster bag and have waste management (WM)  pick it up or hire a dumpster from a dumpster rental company.

Now you may wonder what the difference between the two is?

What should I use?

Well, here’s something to help you decide!

How dumpster bags or bagsters work?

Bagsters or dumpster bags are portable, single-use small three cubic yards long bags made of tough, woven material.

Here’s how you use them. You have to:

  • Buy them online from home improvement stores
  • Fill them up wtih debris
  • Have them picked up by Waste Management.

But first, find out if bagster pickup is available in your area before opting for it.  And while bagster bags cost about $30, the pickup is expensive, ranging between $140-$340 depending to the location.

How dumpster rentals work?

Dumpster rental services are available nationwide through local dumpster companies.

Here’s how you use them. You have to:

  • Collect quotes from three or more companies
  • Select the right company
  • Go through their rental policies and price
  • Set up your delivery location
  • Schedule a convenient dumpster delivery time and date
  • Call them to pick up your accumulated debris

The smallest 10-yard dumpster is cheaper than bagsters and holds more debris.

Dumpster rental costs fluctuate between $250 to $350 based on location and include rental period costs for 7-14 days. Any additional days needed are charged on a per day or per week fee in addition to standard prices.  

Other comparisons between bagsters and dumpsters

Here are a few comparisons between bagster and dumpster features:

1.     Size and weight of dumpster bags and dumpsters

size comparison between dumpster bags and dumpster rentals

    Bagsters size and weight

Bagsters come in a single three cubic yard size and are ideal if you have only that much or less debris to haul away. As waste management bags can carry three bagsters, you can always buy more bagsters. However, remember that bagsters can carry up to 3,300 pounds of debris but won’t carry bulky items like a sofa. 

         Dumpster rentals sizes

There are many different dumpster sizes, starting with a ten-yarder, for you to select based on your needs.

And yes, dumpsters can carry bulky items, and on average, 2-3 tons or 4,000-6000lbs of waste. You have to pay the price per additional ton ranging from $60-$100 if you go over the dumpster’s included weight. 

2.     Placement protocols for bagsters vs dumpsters

should you buy a dumpster bag?

         Bagsters placement protocols

You can’t just place bagsters anywhere you want because they are small in size. You have to place them somewhere Waste Management can easily access with their truck and crane.

Examples are your driveway or on the front lawn by the road.

Besides, WM needs a minimum of 18ft overhead clearance, so you can’t place it in the side or backyard. The crane can’t extend beyond 16 feet, and alleyways and driveways should be at least 12 feet wide for trucks to fit. 

         Dumpster rental placement requirements

Dumpster rentals can be placed on your driveway, parking lot, and if local authorities permit it, even in the alley or street. Discuss your area’s permitting requirements with the dumpster providers and if they will handle permits for you or not. 

3.     Debris storaged by Bagsters vs Dumpsters

different uses for dumpsters


You can fill bagsters with:

  • Most construction and demolition debris
  • Household junk
  • Heavy waste like cement and bricks

Whether or not yard waste is allowed depends on your location. However, some restricted items like chemicals, paint, hazardous waste, appliances, and propane tanks. 


As the debris in both dumpsters and bagsters ends up in landfills, you can put pretty much the same things in dumpsters.

The prohibited materials, however, vary with the hauler. So it’s better to discuss what’s allowed and isn’t allowed with your dumpster company before hiring one. 

Which is better- a bagster or a dumpster?

It generally depends on the type and amount of your debris. Bagsters are great if you have only 3 yards or less of general household junk. However, dumpster rental is a safer option if you aren’t sure how much debris you have. 

The funny thing is, you usually end up putting out much more than you first thought of while cleansing your property or remodeling. That’s why it’s safer and more convenient to opt for dumpster rentals for your waste removal. 

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