Published: June 23, 2020

Will dumpster rentals damage the driveway?

Will dumpster rentals damage the driveway?

You are renovating your home, and want to hire dumpster rental Ohio to remove your waste. You have done your research, and have selected the right company with right sized and affordably priced garbage containers.

However, there lies a lingering thought or rather fear in your mind.

You wonder if there’s the possibility of the container damaging your driveway. Don’t worry. It is a thought that creeps into the mind of anyone planning to rent a garbage container!

Yes they can, but there’s no need to worry

Your fear is not ill-founded because yes, there is always a chance of the dumpster damaging the driveway.

It’s however, the Ohio garbage container delivery company’s responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t. If they do not, it means that you may have pretty much hired the wrong person!

Professional garbage container rental companies will not let their containers leave an impression on your driveway. They will avoid it because the cost of any ensuing repair work is not a part of the agreement between the client and the company.

Dumpster rental companies know how to prevent possible damage

When the company knows that there’s a possibility of their garbage container creating an impression, it is their responsibility to ensure it does not. They have experience handling dumpsters regularly and will know about the right preventive measures to adopt. It’s something a client like you, who infrequently use garbage containers, will know.

It is their job to help the client select the best spot to place the dumpster so that its weight causes minimal damages to the driveway. The dumpster rental Ohio crew is trained to take the right measures. They can help to proactively reduce the risks of impressions and possible damage on your driveway through the following measures:

1. Help you choose the best surface area for dumpsters.

It is the company’s job to pick out the best spot for your dumpster rental. They usually do this before sending over the container. They instead first send a crew member over to your home to assess the possible locations for placing the container.

They will then select the best spot, which is usually a concrete surface or asphalted driveway. They are hard surfaces, which will be able to sustain the weight of the container without creating any damage.

Dumpster rental companies do not suggest placing their garbage containers on grass or any soft ground. The container weight will end up creating an impression, and damaging a beautiful garden.

However, sometimes it is inevitable. There may be no other space large enough to hold the dumpster than grass or soft ground.

If this is the case, they will take these precautionary measures to minimize the risk of damages.

They will:
· Place boards under the wheels

And why do they do this?

Well, it is to disperse the container’s weight across the ground. They will perhaps place some protective boards under the wheels to protect your driveway or landscape. While this may result in some pressure on the ground, it’s usually not as bad as it would if the dumpster was placed directly on it.
· Send rubber-wheeled trailer dumpsters

You can ask the garbage container rental company to send you a rubber-wheeled unit instead of traditional roll-off containers. The rubber wheels are driveway friendly, and won’t damage your property as much as the usual steel wheels and feet found on roll off variants.

2. Maintain extra space around and above the dumpster

You may wonder why you need to have extra space ABOVE the garbage unit. Well, it is to prevent any untoward accidents caused by the dumpster touching low lying power lines and tree branches.

The dumpster rental will avoid these spots to prevent or rather minimize risks while removing the garbage container once done.

3. Check the spot thoroughly.

Dumpster rental experts will check the hardness of the prospective garbage container spot spots. It is to ensure that they do not end up placing the garbage container on top of an underground facility, and blocking it.

So if you wonder whether garbage containers will damage your driveway, then the answer is yes. It is after all a heavy unit, and will get even heavier once it is filled with your waste!

However, it lies in the dumpster rental Ohio services to advise and take the necessary preventative measures to prevent any possible damage. There is no point in inviting unnecessary problems by the dumpster damaging your property!

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